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How do you reduce the cost of my loan?

We know you’re probably looking to minimize your interest rate, origination points, downpayment, and fees of the loan (to come out of pocket as little as possible). We have the relationships with lenders to help you find the best financing option for you

What’s the cost of the broker fee?

Most brokers charge around 2 origination points, or 2% of the total loan amount as their fee, and when these loans average $250K+, that is a massive fee the clients are having to pay. Our goal is to set a new industry standard, by charging .99 flat point.

I’ve been denied before, how will this be different

It’s true – REIs can go through a long underwriting process with a lender and spend days/weeks shopping for rates, only to get denied. Borrowers also need help determining if the deal they have is actually a good investment. I plan to provide free consulting to my clients to evaluate their deals and provide them with a second opinion to ensure their success.