About Borrower Solution

Finding a trustworthy capital partner to fund your real estate investment is the most important decision you’ll make. With thousands of options and endless complexities, lenders are notorious for stealing profits from investors by charging unfair amounts or by backing out at the last minute. That’s why Borrower Solution was created, to help you maximize your investment profits and minimize your risk.

We’re a company created by like-minded real estate investors, and we leverage our relationships and experiences with lenders nationwide and work endlessly for our clients to make sure we:

– Minimize your loan costs: The lowest interest rates, points, fees, and downpayment in the industry!
– Minimize your transaction risk: Don’t put your earnest money at risk! Partner with a reliable lending source.
– Close as quickly as possible: Closings in as quick as 5 days!

The Borrower Solution Difference

  • We professionally manage your entire loan process and save you countless hours of your time
  • We substantially increase your profits and ROI by optimizing your loan terms and minimizing the time to close your deal
  • We offer free project consulting with our professional investors to help ensure your deal is profitable
  • We have the lowest, most competitive service charge in the industry (guaranteed!)
  • We effectively save you thousands of dollars by minimizing your loan downpayment, interest rate, and lender fees

Borrower Solution specializes in finding the perfect loan to finance your real estate investment, no matter the size or complexity.

Get funded for your real estate investment

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Project Types

  • Fix and Flip
  • Buy and Hold
  • New Construction
  • Refinance
  • Bridge Loans

Property Types

  • Single Family Residential
  • Spec Homes
  • Rental Properties
  • Multifamily
  • Commercial
  • Subdivisions and Developments
  • Condos
  • Mixed-use
  • Apartments and Townhomes

Specializing In

  • 100% Financing for Qualified Investments
  • Large Credit Facilities or Revolvers for Experienced Builders
  • Portfolio Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Foreign Nationals or International Investors
  • Second Mortgages or Seller Financing
  • Gap Funding or JV Agreements
  • Cross-Collateralization
  • No Minimum Credit Score